Zensar employees and Pune-startup SheepStop team to donate 64 T-shirts to slum kids

(Written for PuneTech By Shalini Singh)

In April, 2011, we had published an article about SheepStop, a Pune based start- up, which was giving away free “United Against Corrpution” badges. SheepStop’s primary business is to make 100% organic cotton tees whose designs are sourced from a large community of designers across the world. The tees have eco friendly messages or funky original themes and designs printed on them, and can be bought online through their website.

SheepStop and Deep Griha – an independent charitable organisation – working to better the lives of people living in the slums of Pune, India have been associated for the past couple of years as part of the “Joy of Giving Week” initiative.

A couple of weeks ago, Deep Griha and SheepStop again teamed up at the offices of IT and BPO company Zensar in Pune to sell SheepStop’s beautiful organic cotton t-shirts. For every two t-shirts bought by the Zensar staff, one was to be donated to Deep Griha. With the aid of international volunteers from Deep Griha, who spoke to Zensar staff about the various programmes run by Deep Griha, a total of 128 t-shirts were sold which meant that 64 brand new t-shirts were very kindly donated to Deep Griha.

The following weekend, the t-shirts were presented to children from Deep Griha’s Aadhar Kendra child sponsorship programme. This programme was set up by Deep Griha because it realised the need to support children who have lost either one or both of their parents. The children are supported in a variety of different ways, including; payment of their school fees, medical care, new clothing, educational resources, shelter and so on. All of the children on the programme are sponsored by donors from across the world who provide the necessary funding.

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