covers Pune’s MobiPrimo has an interview of Aditya Kulkarni, co-founder of Pune-based provider of technology and solutions in the mobile domain in India.


MobiPrimo offers fbData, a cloud based collaboration platform for any connected device such as computer, tablet or mobile. fbData empowers its users to back up and access their data from anywhere, even share it selectively on social media. MobiPrimo is launching another product TextUp during SiliconIndia Mobile Application conference on Aug 20, 2011 in Delhi.


In the Indian context, mobile data subscription is 10 times higher than broadband subscription and the gap is widening every day. Browsing for a day on mobile is cheaper than spending an hour in cyber-cafe. 750 million mobile subscribers and affordable data plans make it a very compelling opportunity for mobile product companies.

and specifically the market they’re targeting:

Very often people relate just mobile applications to mobile ecosystem. But, in reality, services need a solid behind-the-scene infrastructure to support the mobile application for a large number of subscribers. Going further, analytics is key component to improve user experience for mobile applications as well as to grow subscriber base. MobiPrimo takes pride in providing a complete solution for the mobile ecosystem and not limiting the focus only to mobile applications.

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