Xpanxion (which has a dev center in Pune) acquired by UST-Global

Xpanxion, a software services company with a significant presence in Pune has been acquired by UST-Global a software services providers for Global 100 companies.

Here are some excerpts from the press release:

“Xpanxion focuses on developing its technology services in rural areas of the US, while UST Global recently launched its Step IT Up America program to focus on growing technology skills of minority women within inner cities. In doing so, these two companies have created innovative approaches to US-based workforce development,” said Paul Eurek, CEO of Xpanxion. “By merging their professional services programs, both companies will be able to harness and capitalize upon the successes and strengths of the other.”

And more information about Xpanxion

Xpanxion, LLC, provides software development, testing, and consulting services through an integrated rural and offshore sourcing model. This strategy utilizes the work ethic and quality of professionals in rural areas and the cost-effectiveness of resources overseas, enabling our clients to operate more efficiently, bring new products to market quickly, and ultimately achieve quality, cost, and business objectives.

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