Univ-of-Pune to lose dynamic new VC R.K. Shevgaonkar to IIT-D

Earlier this year, Dr. R.K. Shevgaonkar took over as the Vice Chancellor of the University of Pune. Generally, Dr. Shevgaonkar’s appointment had been received very favorably by people in the industry. Dr. Shevgaonkar was previously a professor in IIT-Bombay, and also the deputy director there. In addition many of the people in the tech industry in Pune knew him and had a good opinion of him. He was generally viewed as a person who would try to change things for the better – and he had already started work on some new initiatives (like an attempt to rejuvenate the PhD program, which is kicking off this semester).

Unfortuntely, the Dr. Shevgaonkar is set to take over as the new director of IIT Delhi (according to reports in the Indian Express, and the Times of India.

We wish Dr. Shevgaonkar the best in his new role – but we’ll be sad to see him go. UoP needs a VC who is willing to shake things up, because shaking things up is the need of the hour. We’re keeping our fingers crossed to see who replaces Dr. Shevgaonkar.

(Update: one commentor suggests that Dr. Shevgaonkar is not leaving UoP just yet, but that he has been picked to go there in 3 years when his term at the UoP comes to an end. From the newspaper reports, it is not clear when exactly he’s going, but it does sound like he leaving now and not after 3 years. We’ll update this post if we get any more concrete information.)

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