UK’s largest bio-ethanol plant opens – using cleantech from Pune’s Praj

According to a press release by Pune’s Praj Industries, UK’s Vivergo Fuels Ltd, a joint venture between AB Sugar, BP, & DuPont, has officially opens the UK’s largest bioethanol plant, which is designed to use 1.1 million tonnes of feed-grade wheat to produce 420 million litres of bioethanol (around 1/3 of the UK’s current bioethanol demand for petrol) and 500,000 tonnes of protein rich animal feed per year. The plant is based on technology provided by Praj Industries.

Praj is supplier of process engineering and solutions for bioethanol, alcohol & brewery, water & wastewater and process equipment. In this case, Praj provided the licence for the technology, basic engineering as well as equipment for the core process block which includes liquefaction, fermentation, distillation, multi effect evaporation and molecular sieve dehydration.


“With Praj’s experience of nearly 3 decades, we have designed an energy efficient plant with minimum energy consumption leading to 30%-40% saving in water & steam. This is the 2nd bioethanol plant in U.K. based on Praj technology,” said Pramod Chaudhari, Executive Chairman, Praj Industries Limited.

Read the full new release

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