TraffiCop: Blackberry based mobile system built in Pune get national award

TraffiCop, a blackberry based solution used by Pune’s traffic police for recording violations, looking up vehicle histories, and digitizing traffic violations records has just received a national award in the best mGovernance category.

From their website:

The INSTITUTE OF URBAN TRANSPORT OF INDIA, that manages the affairs of National Urban Transport Information Centre of the Ministry of Urban Development, has announced the “Best Practice in Urban transport in inclusive development” award for the TraffiCop product, a product by Omni-Bridge Systems, Pune.

and also:

TraffiCop, a product that enables the traffic police to record on-the-spot violations consists of a software application that currently runs on Blackberry Smartphone’s linked to a server that stores all customized vehicle and license holder data. This mobile software is developed by Omni-Bridge Systems, a team of young entrepreneurs has been in existence for long and has been successfully used to its prime capability by the Pune Traffic Police.

Apart from traffic regulation, the TraffiCop product also has helped the Traffic department in Pune to trace those involved in chain snatching, hit and run cases and other incidents where the road regulations have not been followed.

The statistics recorded in the Pune region after the pilot run implementation resulted out in the detection of 15 plus serious crime, 500 plus stolen vehicles were found, over 2000 licenses of those who had committed more than 4 offences were suspended and 100 plus scrap vehicles plying of the road were seized.

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