The Hindu interviews @anandaltekar founder of music tech startup

The Hindu has an interesting interview of Anand Altekar of, a collaborative music creation software-as-a-service product startup out of Pune.

Some excerpts:

imagine an online platform that simplifies the process and helps musicians collaborate and write songs from start to finish. Anand Altekar, the brain behind such a venture, explains what JamShift is all about.

Here is how Anand hit upon the idea of JamShift:

When I was working in Mumbai it was difficult to write songs because my band members were in Pune. We used to exchange ideas via e-mail, Dropbox etc. I had no clue what they were doing with my ideas and vice-versa, till I received a mixed file. Apart from the communication gap, we also found it tough to see how our song was coming together at each step. That’s when it hit me. Why couldn’t we have an online jam room where each band member sees and hears exactly the same thing? And that’s how JamShift was born.

How does JamShift work?

Every song usually starts with one very simple idea. And then instruments are added or layered to it as the song writing progresses. JamShift takes this process online. One musician creates a JamRoom and records or uploads an idea on it. He/she then invites others to join and adds to the idea. When changes are made and saved to the JamRoom, all the members are notified immediately.

What is the current status of JamShift?

We are still in the development phase and haven’t released the product to the public yet. But we did run a Private Beta, which was tested by more than 50 musicians, all of whom I know personally for their talent and expertise. The Private Beta testing was by invite only and we received an overwhelming response in terms of requests to test the Beta version.

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