Startup looking for volunteers to build database of parking spots in Pune is a not-yet-started Pune startup that is trying to build mobile apps that will help you find the nearest parking space wherever you go. They are currently working on ParkHere’s beta version, and Android app, which will be first made available for Pune City.

However, they need some help with collecting data about parking spots in the city. If you would like to see such an app succeed, contact them at

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3 Responses to Startup looking for volunteers to build database of parking spots in Pune

  1. Soubhik Das says:


    I am Soubhik from iSynergy Systems,Its nice to see that your org. is developing an apps which will provide information about the parking space as per the location.
    We are a Mobile apps development, Outsourced Product Development and Technology Services in various technology domains.

    Expertise: IOS( iphone, ipad, ipod), BB, Android, Windows7.
    Skills: Java, Microsoft Technologies, Open Source Technologies, Mobile platforms.

    If you need any help please feel free to contact.

    Soubhik Das
    iSynergy Systems

  2. Thanks for offering help, Saubhik.
    The ParkHere application development is already underway. What ParkHere is looking for is help in gathering data about parking lots in Pune. There is a check-in app that we are using to gather such data.
    Let us know if you can help in this effort.

  3. Thanks all for the great response received after this post. now boasts of a dedicated data collection team, along with development and testing teams.

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