SMEStory Interview: Devendra Deshmukh (@devendradesh) of e-Zest Solutions

SMEStory has an interview of Devendra Deshmukh of e-Zest a company that does enterprise software / application development services.


One of the recent turning points would be us acquiring the Pune-based Maestro Mobile Services to strengthen our mobile development services portfolio including consulting and testing services for iPhone, Blackberry and Android platforms. This may be a new chapter in our story.

and, talking about setbacks that they faced:

We lost 2 major accounts in a month’s time because of some delivery related issues. There was a 30% loss in the revenue and we went through a rough patch. After carrying out a root cause analysis and identifying the problem, we adopted an Anaar, a 7-step improvement process where we had to reframe our business processes, as in make it clearer, and then defining what we want to measure and what we can measure. It is followed by gathering and analyzing the data and implementing the chosen alternative. Anaar Process Review System (APRS) helps define all organizational processes in an interactive approach; creates a sense of ownership of the right processes; and pride in improvement.

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