SMCPune interviews @TastyKhana – business use of Social Media

SMCPune has an [interview](thelink] of TastyKhana Pune’s online ordering and restaurant booking site. The main thrust of the interview is to find out how TastyKhana leverages social media for their business.


We are like “JustDial” for food delivery orders! We are food delivery experts. From taking the order to delivering it to your doorstep, we manage the entire process for most premium restaurants in town. You can directly order online from the site or simply call us. We have more than 60 delivery boys spread across town and more than 1.5L food items.Till date we have delivered orders worth 3.3 crores.


Facebook and Twitter [are] quite popular with the masses and when our customers are using this platform so why we should lose this opportunity wherein we can talk to them. So we thought why not experiment with these channels as well. We do not have huge marketing budgets and these activities does not involve any money. Yes it does require your time which we are ready to give.We work twelve hours every day … (chuckles)


We do advertise on Facebook but thats limited and its more campaign specific. Google AdWords is what we use on a regular basis. We have set our monthly budgets for Google and try that we are atleast at number two or three position.

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