Sears to move all its IT R&D to Pune

Sears, which used to be the largest retailer in the US (and is now the 4th largest), is planning on moving its entire IT related R&D activities to Sears India in Pune, reports DNA.


“At present Sears India handles 35% of the total IT needs of SHC, including application developments, support, testing facilities, proof-of-concept labs and software product development. SHC is now planning to have the entire development and research activities, along with support and maintenance activities, moved to Sears India within the next two years,” said the chief executive officer (CEO) of Sears India, Alok Kumar.


“We created a high degree of trust between US and India operations by means of regular visits by the stakeholders from the US and holding discussions that enabled us to meet targets. Unlike many other captives that charge on headcount, Sears India kept work content as the benchmark for making estimations,” Kumar said.


Sears India has 600 employees, which is likely to go up to 1,100 by the end of next year, said head of human resources and corporate communication, Santosh Panicker

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One Response to Sears to move all its IT R&D to Pune

  1. Alok kumar says:

    This news article was not approved by Sears and is misleading in some areas. Sears Holdings US and Sears India are working to create a great partnership and there is nothing like all work coming to India. instead, Sears is working as per plans to create the partnership which is beneficial to all and together with sears associates on both sides. The headcount information is also not accurate and is yet to be planned.

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