Re-cap of Sramana Mitra’s startup pitches session in Pune

Startup adviser Sramana Mitra was in Pune last week and a bunch of startups got a chance to pitch to her and get feedback from her. She has written up a re-cap of this event. The startups who pitched were:

  • EzeeBank: Banking software for Credit Co-operative Societies.
  • Indian in a Box: Take-out restaurant with 3 locations in Pune
  • Quadmo: An SaaS system for large companies to manage their employee reward and recognition program.
  • Parag Shah do-a-masters-in-computer-science portal that should be familiar to PuneTech readers
  • Wish Them Today: a paid SMS birthday reminder service by POCC regular Pratik Rokade

Sramana writes:

Parag Shah’s was chosen the best business of those presented by audience members through a poll on the 1M/1M Facebook page. Congratulations!

Overall, the most promising company in this group is Quadmo, although I also liked EzeeBank and DIYComputerScience. The last of these needs a lot of work to extract and polish the diamond in the rough, but it may be a worthwhile endeavor.

See the full article by Sramana

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2 Responses to Re-cap of Sramana Mitra’s startup pitches session in Pune

  1. Couple of typos; Prateek’s app is called ‘Wish them today’ and the expansion for DIY is a little short! :P

    • admin says:

      @Thanks Saager. Fixed the name of Pratik’s app. The “expansion” for DIY wasn’t intended to be a literal expansion in any case.

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