Pune’s Titash Neogi (@tneogi of @bibkosh) wins British Council’s YCE award

Pune based Titash Neogi, co-founder of Bibkosh, has just won the Young Interactive Entrepreneur award by the British Council. The eligibility and selection criteria of this award are here.

Here is the write-up of Titash that goes with the award:

Titash is a software engineer by profession and a business management / IT major by qualification who worked with Symantec Corp, US for 7 years before starting his own company – Sievelogic Software and building bibkosh.com. Bibkosh is the world’s first Knowledge Curation platform that allows academics, students and professionals to create and curate knowledge and collaborate with friends over this created and curated knowledge.

With information having become truly democratised, Bibkosh gives everyone the opportunity to become a social knowledge curator using both the information from the net as well as the social web. As the CEO and Founder at Bibkosh, Titash’s role involves everything from architecting Bibkosh, giving business and vision pitches to customers and partners, working with team members and helping them writing code for the platform.


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