Pune’s streaming-music startup @Dhingana to add Radio Channels, Languages

Dhingana, the streaming music provider based out of Pune, and which claims to be the #1 music stream service in the country with 60% market share, is adding “internet radio” channels to its service, and expects this to be a game changer, reports an article over at LightReading.in.


The company has created 40-50 radio channels based on artists, genres and moods, and has specially employed experts to program music playlists.


The radio service was started in April this year for web users. In May, the company made the service available to its Android users. Bhatia claims that the average listenership has gone up to 25 songs per user per month from 10 songs per user per month earlier.


“Dhingana was on Spotify model (interactive) and now it is imbibing the model of Pandora, which is a radio service and offers surprise element,” [CEO, Rohit] Bhatia explains.

Lest you think this is a no-revenues internet company, Dhingana is clearly focused on monetization:

The company operates with four revenue models—classic advertising, sponsored channels (Radio), iOS subscription (Dhingana Gold) and Android/WAP service (operator tie-ups). Bhatia says that classical advertising and sponsored channels contribute 40 percent of the revenues, while iOS subscription and operator tie-ups for Android/WAP service stand for 60 percent of the total revenues of Dhingana.

Read the full article for many other details

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