Pune’s Rolocule unveils award winning game Dance Party – convert iPhone+Apple TV into a Wii

Pune based gaming company Rolocule recently unveiled a new iPhone / Apple TV based game Dance Party, which won the Silver Edison Award for best innovation in the Entertainment category at the recent 2014 Edison Awards in San Francisco. Basically, this is a game that converts a regular iPhone into a Nintendo Wii controller, and the Apple TV into the gaming screen.


Rolomotion is a technology which precisely tracks the various movements made by an iPhone and allows users to play games using natural motion gestures on television using a combination of Appleā€™s smartphone and the Apple TV.

In fact, the calim is that this is even better than traditional gaming consoles:

Unlike traditional motion gaming consoles that are limited by the number of motion controllers, Dance Party lets users connect multiple iOS devices together to dance simultaneously in front of big screens like HD TV, Mac or PC using AirPlay Mirroring. The result is a great way to both have fun and stay fit. Even better, all personal statistics like calories burnt etc. of each user during multiplayer dance will stay on individual iPhones.

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