Pune’s PubMatic acquires ReviNet another ad-publish optimizre

PubMatic, the Pune-based company which allows web publishers to automatically optimize advertisements being placed on their web pages, has acquired ReviNet another similar company.

The deal is meant to broaden PubMatic’s reach to publishers that ReviNet has established relationships with, such as The Christian Science Monitor, Dallas newspaper owner A.H. Belo (NYSE: AHC), the Boston Herald and The Sporting News, said CEO and founder Rajeev Goel in an interview with paidContent.

The deal gives PubMatic access to a total of 57 brand name publishers who work with Boston-based ReviNet.

Another interesting piece of information from that article is this:

“2010 was a breakaway year for us as our revenues grew 10x last year, outpacing the market,” Goel says.

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