PuneJUG to conduct a series of talks on Groovy

Saager Mhatre writes:

Owing to the tremendous positive response we got for our last meetup (Introduction to the Groovy programming language), we at the Pune JUG have decided, at the behest of the community, to conduct an entire series of Groovy related talks over the next few months.

These talks will focus on issues such as:

  • Introducing Groovy to your workplace
  • Introducing Groovy to existing projects
  • Popular frameworks/libraries in Groovy
  • Practical application of Groovy in the wild

We hope to kindle your interest in this language and it’s growing ecosystem as well as provide the opportunity for you to showcase you achievements in the same.

Further details will follow in subsequent posts to this group and you can also follow us on our Meetup page. We hope you will attend the meetups and share your experiences so that we may learn and grow together.

Furthermore, we are also looking for speakers; so don’t hesitate to drop us a line, here on the group or on meetup.com. If you do choose to speak, we can work out all the logistics leaving you to focus on the topic.

Feel free to get back to us with any queries/comments you may have. Saager @dexterous Mhatre.

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