Pune Startup QualitiaSoft featured at Startup Event Unpluggd

Twitter user @sudhir_sgp points out that Qualitia, a Pune-based startup, was one of the startups featured at startup event UnPluggd (in addition to Next Leap which we talked about earlier).

Qualitia has a software product to help you improve your Quality Assurance Automation. From their website:

Qualitia works on top of any of your favorite test automation tool and takes care of building test automation 1.6 times faster. Testing teams can now ensure 100% test coverage, all the while decreasing automation costs by 50%.

Specifically, it has:

A library of more than 500 actions ensures testing teams don’t even shed a one drop of sweat while building test automation. Schedule multiple test executions and also, be able to validate the test cases before actually executing them

and it helps you to:

  • Manage Test Automation (take pain out from managing thousands of test cases)
  • Reporting and Analysis (simplified but comprehensive reports)

More more details, download the brochure

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