Pune named as one of the 8 emerging tech startup hubs in the world by @TheNextWeb

TheNextWeb has an interesting article on 8 emerging tech startup hubs in the world, and Pune is one of them (along with Eindhoven, Netherlands; Nicosia, Cyprus; Dublin, Ireland; Raleigh, North Carolina; Hong Kong; Malmö, Sweden; and el Aviv, Israel.)

Here is what the article has to say about Pune:


Move over Bangalore, there’s a new Indian metropolis evolving with its finger on the pulse of cloud, mobile and digital technologies. With its young demographic, acclaimed university, flourishing nightlife and convenient connection to the financial centre of Mumbai, Pune is attracting a pool of startups and fresh IT talent.

Startups range from award-winning data software Druva to telecommunication hardware Swipe. Known as India’s first ‘Wi-Fi City’ after the Unwiring Pune project was instigated in 2006, the city’s Wi-Fi coffee shop culture and affordable standard of living add to its entrepreneurial appeal.

You can read the full article. Some of the article is clearly misguided: The “Unwiring Pune” project died an ignominious death before it even really took off, and I’ve been in many coffee shops in Pune and I have yet to see much evidence of its “Wi-Fi coffee shop culture”.

But the fact remains that Pune is one of the more exciting cities in the world for those interested in tech and startups. To get a better idea of why we think Pune has a lot of potential, you should read Amit Paranjape’s article (from 5 years ago) on the similarities (and differences) between Pune and the Silicon Valley’s ecosystems

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