Pune Dial-a-Rickshaw startup in the news

Pune startup Ay Auto, which allows you to call a number (84460-01234) and get a rickshaw is in the news. They launched just last month, but have managed to get themselves covered by the Times of India.

Another dial-a-rickshaw service India Commutes has been offering the same service (call: 9922 90 4000) for over an year now.

I guess this is just the kind of startup that is very newsworthy. Even if people have no intention of actually using a service like this, they still find the concept very interesting – probably because it is a very Indian thing.

Anyway, go ahead, read the full article

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3 Responses to Pune Dial-a-Rickshaw startup in the news

  1. Parag Shah says:

    The link to ‘Ay Auto’ goes to auto dot in. Not quite sure if that is the correct link.

  2. Moheet Bhute says:

    *the hyperlink for “Ay Auto” in the first line should be http://www.ayauto.in/ instead of http://auto.in/

  3. navin says:

    Thanks @Parag and @Moheet for pointing out the error in the link for Ay Auto. It is fixed now.

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