Pune builders save water through technology: chemical curing of concrete; waste water treatment plants

DNA has an interesting article about how Pune builders are adopting technology to save water

For example:

Pune-based Gera Developments announced that in light of the deficient rainfall, the company would shift from water-based curing to chemical curing for their current projects and would continue it till the water situation in the district improves. The move could reduce water consumption by over 25 million litres of water used for curing

“Curing” is the process by which cement concrete is soaked in water for the first few days (approximately 36 liters per square foot) in a construction site. Switching to chemical curing increases the cost of construction by 1.5 to 2% says Gera.

Amanora Park Township has a waste water treatment plant that takes used water, treats it and recycles it for flushing and gardening.

Under this project 40 M3/ day waste water from one of the sector of the township will be treated in SBR and MBR technology pilot plant up to tertiary level and used for gardening & flushing within Township.” He added the project will help them treat about 10 lakh litre of sewage water at Amanora everyday from which 7.5 lakhs will be reutilised through flush tanks and other medium thus putting less burden of water demand on civic body.

This is one of the best ways to reduce water consumption, and it would be great if more builders adopted this in their new projects.

The article also goes on to talk about how builders are adopting the over-hyped rainwater harvesting concept, which just shifts the problem without really solving it. So I’m not going to ignore that part of the article.

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