Pune Based MCCIA publishes an Android App

Pune-based MCCIA (Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture) has just published an Android app which allows members of MCCIA and others informed about MCCIA’s events and activities. Here is the description of the app:

MCCIA App is an informative app which gives up-to-date information on MCCIA activities and initiatives. Non members can get the details on how to become a member and its benefit, with the facility to post their interest to become a member.
With the MCCIA App, you get:

  • Event Details and facility to register online.
  • Details of conference halls and its availability.
  • Awards instituted by MCCIA and its details.
  • Alerts on important subjects.
  • Information on how to become a member and its benefit.

MCCIA App connects you to one of the most active Chamber in India at one go!

Normally, this sort of information is made available to the public via the website of the association, and via email newsletters. However, in the last few years, the number of people visiting reading their email carefully and visiting websites is declining rapidly, with a result that organizations like MCCIA are forced to try innovative methods of publicizing their activities. The usual way of doing this is via social media, like Facebook and Twitter.

However, MCCIA seems to be trying something different. They claim this is the first such app in the country.

You can find the app on the marketplace

Do you think this makes sense? Is it useful? Should other organizations follow suit?

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