Persistent Whitepaper: Assessing the long-term ROI of the Cloud

The Persistent Systems blog has a whitepaper that is written with the intention of helping companies decide whether migrating their complex, legacy, in-house applications to the cloud is going to benefit them over the long term or not. It gives a framework in which such decisions can be taken.

Specifically, the blog points out:

Weighing the initial advantages of cloud computing is simple. The ability to eliminate upfront infrastructure investment and “pay per use” for applications in the cloud offers enterprises significant start-up cost benefits and significantly reduces time to market. The amount of supporting data in technology and business media regarding these benefits is overwhelming.

But how can IT executives calculate long term ROI of Cloud? How can they calculate ROI of Cloud for legacy applications that are more complex than email and CRM? It is difficult to quantitatively measure the cloud advantages and risks in ROI terms.

Download the whitepaper here

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