Pune Based MCCIA publishes an Android App

Pune-based MCCIA (Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture) has just published an Android app which allows members of MCCIA and others informed about MCCIA’s events and activities. Here is the description of the app:

MCCIA App is an informative app which gives up-to-date information on MCCIA activities and initiatives. Non members can get the details on how to become a member and its benefit, with the facility to post their interest to become a member.
With the MCCIA App, you get:

  • Event Details and facility to register online.
  • Details of conference halls and its availability.
  • Awards instituted by MCCIA and its details.
  • Alerts on important subjects.
  • Information on how to become a member and its benefit.

MCCIA App connects you to one of the most active Chamber in India at one go!

Normally, this sort of information is made available to the public via the website of the association, and via email newsletters. However, in the last few years, the number of people visiting reading their email carefully and visiting websites is declining rapidly, with a result that organizations like MCCIA are forced to try innovative methods of publicizing their activities. The usual way of doing this is via social media, like Facebook and Twitter.

However, MCCIA seems to be trying something different. They claim this is the first such app in the country.

You can find the app on the marketplace

Do you think this makes sense? Is it useful? Should other organizations follow suit?

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Article on Product Pricing by Pune’s Shirish Deodhar (Biggest Mistake of Tech Startups)

Product Nation / ISpirt, the new forum for nurturing software product startups in India, has an interesting article by Pune based serial entrepreneur Shirish Deodhar on Product Pricing, titled The biggest mistake companies make is to fix the price based on their costs

Here are some interesting excerpts:

Ideal first clients (‘anchors’) are strategically important for their brand value or volume of business. Signing up a well-known company becomes a great validation of the product. Pricing should not stand in the way of closing such deals.


If you are getting clients easily, without significant discounting, then your product is probably priced too low. Conversely, if most prospects are not signing up, look for root cause. It may not be the cost – the problem may be in the product, how you sell, or which customers you are pitching to.

Read the full article

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GE brings advanced 3-D printing tech to India, sets up plant in Pune

Financial Express has an interesting article about how GE is bringing advanced 3-D printing tech to India


In a first for manufacturing in India, engine, turbines and jets fitted with 3-D printed parts will come out of the new advanced manufacturing plant of GE India at Chakan, Pune. GE is globally investing resources and people in 3-D printing and this is expected to play a big role in manufacturing at GE in future. 3-D printing is used in creating parts, components, models and prototypes.


GE is investing $200 million in the manufacturing facility. This will be the first multi-modal industry manufacturing facility catering to the needs of its diverse business from power to aviation to transportation to healthcare from the same manufacturing facility.

Read the full article

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Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund invests in Pune-based SoftTech Engineers

VCCircle reports that Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund has invested in Pune-based SoftTech Engineers, a civil, construction and infrastructure ERP software product company.


“The company has tremendous experience in civil construction and infrastructure ERP software products and the infusement will help company to spread its wings both in new territories and product offerings. SoftTech’s product AutoDCR has received excellent response from urban local bodies,”


“The company has been witnessing growth from both its institutional clients including the municipal corporations in various states, government departments, etc and private markets wherein builders and architects and construction companies have shown demand for such software products developed by SoftTech Engineers. The capital infusement from RVCF will help the company increase sales and marketing -especially overseas; develop new products and enhance the existing  products,” said Vijay Gupta, CEO, SoftTech Engineers.

Read the full article

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C-DAC develops a mobile app that allows virtual tours of 10 national museums

The Times of India reports that C-DAC has developed software that allows users to take a virtual tour of 10 national museums


C-DAC’s Human-Centred Design and Computing (HCDC) group has developed a software called ‘Jatan’ which will be a standard for all museums under the purview of the Union Ministry of Culture. The software has already been installed at the 10 museums.


The software uses multimedia format to offer a 360 degree interactive panoramic view and three-dimensional representation of models supported with audio and video clips.
The software provides a collaborative framework for museum curators, historians and scholars to describe and enhance the information about antiquities

Read the full article

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The Hindu interviews @anandaltekar founder of music tech startup JamShift.com

The Hindu has an interesting interview of Anand Altekar of JamShift.com, a collaborative music creation software-as-a-service product startup out of Pune.

Some excerpts:

imagine an online platform that simplifies the process and helps musicians collaborate and write songs from start to finish. Anand Altekar, the brain behind such a venture, explains what JamShift is all about.

Here is how Anand hit upon the idea of JamShift:

When I was working in Mumbai it was difficult to write songs because my band members were in Pune. We used to exchange ideas via e-mail, Dropbox etc. I had no clue what they were doing with my ideas and vice-versa, till I received a mixed file. Apart from the communication gap, we also found it tough to see how our song was coming together at each step. That’s when it hit me. Why couldn’t we have an online jam room where each band member sees and hears exactly the same thing? And that’s how JamShift was born.

How does JamShift work?

Every song usually starts with one very simple idea. And then instruments are added or layered to it as the song writing progresses. JamShift takes this process online. One musician creates a JamRoom and records or uploads an idea on it. He/she then invites others to join and adds to the idea. When changes are made and saved to the JamRoom, all the members are notified immediately.

What is the current status of JamShift?

We are still in the development phase and haven’t released the product to the public yet. But we did run a Private Beta, which was tested by more than 50 musicians, all of whom I know personally for their talent and expertise. The Private Beta testing was by invite only and we received an overwhelming response in terms of requests to test the Beta version.

Read the full article

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Persistent Systems creates Accelerite – new business unit to focus on Products

Persistent Systems has a press release announcing the creation of Accelerite, a new business unit within Persistent that will focus on creating software products.

Accelerite will be based in Silicon Valley.

What will Acclerite do?

The formation of Accelerite will bring product-centric alignment to business models, strategies, sales, and operations. Persistent Systems will continue to focus on product development and technology services where it is a well-respected market leader. 

Why is something like Accelerite needed?

“The business model for products is distinctly different from services. Over the last few years, we invested in building a portfolio of products and IP focused on SMAC technologies,” said Dr. Anand Deshpande, Chairman, Managing Director and CEO of Persistent Systems. “The creation of Accelerite brings the organizational alignment to achieve global leadership for these products.”

Read the full press release

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Pune co. releases 2 open source tools for schema migration and incremental backup for MongoDB

Pune based Equal Experts India has just released Midas an open source tool for on-the-fly schema migration tool for MongoDB.

Earlier, they had released Tayra, an incremental backup and restore tool for MongoDB.

They also regularly hold interesting technology events that anyone can attend. See their blog for more details.

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Eaton sets up Advanced Materials Technology Lab at COEP

Times of India has an interesting article on an Advanced Materials Technology lab set up at College of Engineering Pune by Eaton Engineering (which is also Pune based):

A state-of-the-art ‘advanced material technology lab’ was recently set up jointly by College of Engineering Pune (CoEP) and Eaton India Engineering Centre, a product engineering, design and development center in Pune.

What does the lab contains?

advanced characterization facilities in the department of metallurgy and material science at the college with an objective to establish a state-of-the-art lab in the department. Eaton also donated sophisticated instruments like FTIR spectrometer, galvanostat/ potentiostat and wear testing set up to the department

Read the full article

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Pune’s Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) has 17 openings for scientists

The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, based in Pune, has 17 job openings for climate scientists

The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune, an autonomous research organisation under ESSO/MoES, fully devoted to cutting edge research in various aspects of climate science, is looking for recruiting bright talented candidates of Indian origin to fill the scientists’ positions at different centers in the institute. Its activities include training to post graduates and motivate them to take up research careers in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences required for improving the skill of weather and climate prediction systems.

And eligibility:

Candidates should have passed Master’s Degree or equivalent in Meteorology, Atmospheric Sciences,Oceanography, Physics, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Applied Physics, Geophysics or a Degree in Engineering or Technology from a recognised university/institution with good scientific standing and with at least first class (60% marks) in the qualifying degree level or Bachelors Degree in Engineering or Technology from a recognised university or equivalent with at least First Class (60% marks) in the qualifying degree level.

The candidates are desirable with Ph. D. in Atmospheric Sciences/Oceanography or related sciences with minimum four years proven experience in Atmospheric modeling/Ocean Modeling/Coupled Ocean Atmospheric Modeling, supported by published papers in peer reviewed journals

Read the article in India Today, or check out the official website: http://www.tropmet.res.in/

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