Mannara Technologies expands operations in Pune – to target SME software market

Business Standard reports that Mannara Technologies is expanding operations in Pune

Here are the details:

Mannara Technologies, a data management and business intelligence solutions and services company, today announced the setting up of its technology centre in Pune. The new facility will cater to its new and existing clients base in US and India.

The company is investing Rs 60 crore for its expansion in the city in two phases. In the first phase, Rs 30 crore will be invested for the facility in Pune. Another Rs 30 crore will be invested for further development by end of 2015.

Currently, Mannara Technologies employees 100 engineers and is planning to increase the count up to 1,000 people by end of 2018. It is raising the funds via internal accruals.

It appears that Mannara wants to target the Indian SME software market:

“The Indian market for analytics is of around $1 billion. But, the Indian industries especially, the SMEs are not using analytics or data warehousing for their businesses. There is a huge potential for this market in India.  Mannara is eyeing this space of technology business in India. Also, one of the reason for this is the huge amount of data that gets produced by social media which needs management and analysis,” said Sanjay Kucheria, CEO Trinus Corporation.

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