LiveBlog: Companies Presenting at TiE Pune Nurture Program Graduation Event

In the last 6 months, TiE Pune had an initiative called Nurture where they selected 6 startups who were provided with 6 months of mentorship by TiE Pune. Today, these companies “graduated” from Nurture, and TiE Pune had an event where all the companies gave a presentation. Here are a few quick notes from that event:

BizPorto: online B2B marketplace, mainly targeting tier 2 and tier 3 cities in Maharashtra. They connect buyers and sellers (businesses) locally. Companies can put up their product catalogue online, and BizPorto connects them with buyers. In addition, they also provide inventory management software to the company. They have revenues of almost Rs. 1cr, and they have a 60% growth in the last year.

GupShup TV: An online “social” network of people interested in talking about TV shows. Obviously, real fans of the show would love to have something like this, and if GupShup is able to capture a significant portion of the “real” fans of the show, then advertisers would be very interested. The idea is to provide analytics to advertisers and the TV channels as a subscription service. They have signed up Disney UTV as a pilot customer.

RushHrs Restaurant Chain: Brainchild of 6 IIT Bombay grads who wanted to start a chain of restaurants. Basic idea was to create a fast-food restaurant chain with globally recognizable menu items (like burgers, Mexican rolls etc.) but with an Indian twist, and targeting the 18-35 age group (college students, and young working professionals). Their first store launched in Viman Nagar in Jan, last year, 2nd in Baner in Jan of this year, 3rd outlet in Hinjewadi in July this year, and now their business is cashflow positive.

InTouchId: The LinkedIn of contact management (or maybe the Dropbox of contact management). Basically: store contact data in the cloud, allow people to access the data from any device, and possibly from many different apps/software (because of the API). And the contacts are auto-updating: that when somebody’s contact information changes, they change it once in their account, and the address books of everyone else are updated automatically.

Mapyn: Customized Electronics Product Development and Manufacturing Company. Customer comes with an idea, and they design and build the hardware (analog or digital), software, enclosure (plastic or metallic), compliance testing, and the actual manufacturing of the product. They have prior experience in these areas: Medical Instrumentation, Industrial and Factory Automation, Networked Embedded Systems, Themed Entertainment Systems (4D/5D systems), Environment Control Systems.

ePravesh: Allow students complete the entire application process online (schools, undergraduate colleges, post-graduate colleges). Including filling forms, documentation, and fee payments. They charge the educational institution a per application fee, or an yearly subscription. 35+ clients across schools, universities, training and finishing schools all over India. They have Angel Investment from Rathi Strategic Ventures.

Neural Space: Provides one-on-one training to improve your absorption, retention and retrieval of information – for anyone interested in improving their learning. They use 70 different tools, targeting different areas of the brain, for doing this. Based on IP Developed by LearningRx, a US based company. Want to set up centers all over India, using the franchise model.

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