Infinitely Beta to shut down and focus on

Pune technology startup Infinitely Beta, by founders Abinash Tripathy (previously of Zimbra) and Baishampayan Ghose (BG), which is the company behind finance portal has decided to shut down and focus instead on a social customer relationship management (CRM) platform, according to a post on

The social CRM product from Infinitely Beta is probably qotd, a variation on the StackOverflow question and answer platform, that Infinitely Beta has been working on for an year now.

See this HackerStreet discussion on why is being shut. Co-founder BG says:

We are shutting down Paisa because we now would like to concentrate all our effort on our (currently stealth) enterprise SaaS product.

Paisa was built as an experiment; to showcase our abilities while we looked for a bigger idea. Ever since we had launched Paisa we didn’t make much improvements to the product as we were rapidly iterating in-house on one idea after another, literally smelting out a product in our furnace like incubator.


So that’s it guys, it’s pretty sad for all of us to shut Paisa down, but at the same time we are extremely excited about the new product we are building—this one truly is all set to take us places where we’ve never been before.

Read the full alootechie article here

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  1. Drass says:

    Really it was just a experimental project? Just getting feeds from some 3rd party sites was not going to work anyhow.

  2. Also, This is how the powered community based QnA looks like

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