Event Report: PuneRuby Meetup

(This event report of the PuneRuby group meetup on 6th July was posted by Prathamesh Sonpatki to the PuneRuby mailing list. It has been re-published here for the benefit of PuneTech readers – and to get you interested in joining the meetup group and attending the meetings)

This was the meetup for revival of PuneRUG. Here is the summary.

After 45+ RSVPs, around 30+ people attended the meetup.

After the introduction of all members, Mohit started with the intro talk. He gave information about punerb.org which will be developed by community members itself. He also gave example of http://www.seattlerb.org/.

Then we talked about #punerb, the IRC channel on freenode for day-to-day communications. Mohit also mentioned railsgirls project. Gautam talked about more participation from community members. He also proposed an idea where people will propose topics which they want to hear.

Then we started with the talks. Anil talked about design patterns in Ruby. He gave code examples for some patterns in Ruby. We had an interesting discussion about how to not let the design patterns influence code development.

After that, Anup gave the talk on Ruby concurrency and parallelism. He first explained the difference between concurrency and parallelism. Then he gave examples showing difference between how MRI and Rubinius handles threads. He also discussed how GIL handles IO bound and CPU bound processes. We had some interesting QA session where topics ranged from JRuby, fibers to java.util.concurrent

After that, Nishant and Pratik gave the Arduino demo showing how Ruby can be used to play with Arduino. We discussed about what to do beyond first ‘led’ project and how a software developer can get into soldering the boards 🙂 . We also discussed about the arduino meetup group and their activities. Gautam asked about Raspberry Pie which led to the discussion about difference between Pie and Arduino and how one can use either one of them.

It was great to see the enthusiasm of everyone and these meetups will happen regularly on first saturday of every month.

Guys, please fill up the details which i missed.

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