Encyclopedia of Marathi Words http://marathivishwakosh.in released

Marathi Vishwakosh, an encyclopedia of Marathi Words, created by the Maharashtra Rajya Marathi Vishwakosh Nirmiti Mandal is being digitised by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) and the first two volumes appear to be available at http://marathivishwakosh.in, reports the Times of India

The first volume of the digitised version of the encyclopedia is out and available online on a portal dedicated to the encyclopedia and users can just click on the word and get its history and meaning. Each volume contains over 1,000 pages and a set of 18 volumes will be re-leased in the coming months.

(Note: the article above says first volume is out, but the website appears to list both volumes…)

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5 Responses to Encyclopedia of Marathi Words http://marathivishwakosh.in released

  1. sankarshan says:

    I am a bit puzzled – are there two volumes available or, a single one ? And why is this being called an “encyclopedia” as it provides a list of words, their meanings, synonyms and taxonomy ?

    • navin says:

      @Sankarshan, by reading the article very carefully, I have reached the conclusion that what probably happened was that the 2nd volume of the offline “word encylopedia” was released at the same time as the 1st volume was digitized and put online. This (again I am guessing) is just the beginning, and ultimately there will be 18 volumes offline and online.

      Also, I’m assuming that this is more than a dictionary (e.g. they claim to have history of words and other things) hence the need to call it something other than a dictionary.

      • navin says:

        Sorry, I misspoke. Looking at the website, it appears that both volumes are online, and the ToI article is simply confused. (Updated the article accordingly.) Also, they hope to have all 18 volumes online in one year.

  2. Manesh Kshirsagar says:

    Sir please
    send me detail of Bhagidarichi Padhati from marathi vishwkosh …most of the student ask me for the required information and i could not find it easily. so strogly requesting for the update information.

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