Economic Times covers story of how Pune’s Narendra Barhate built SEED InfoTech

Economic Times, has the story of how Narendra Barhate’s SEED Infotech leveraged learning solutions to be a Rs 58 cr venture


We started with two types of courses. The short course, lasting 45 days, focused on soft skills, while the long-term course, ranging from six to eight months, covered the training and knowledge required to work in the IT sector. However, by August, we had run out of money and had to take a bank loan of nearly Rs 5 lakh to redo the place and buy eight computers. Unfortunately, the business showed no signs of growing, and four-five months later, two of my partners decided to part ways.


My perseverance paid off, and by the end of the first year of operations, we managed to train around 100 students and clock a turnover of Rs 4 lakh. We launched a corporate training division in the second year. We started meeting companies aggressively to outline our training modules and explain the benefits that their employees would enjoy. Soon, companies began signing us up for training their staff.


As of now, our 550-employee company is eyeing a turnover of nearly Rs 65 crore. We recently signed training agreements with companies in the healthcare and banking sectors, and are in talks with a Japanese institute to revive the language training programme. We also plan to set up branches in Dubai and Malaysia in the near future. With the help of all these initiatives, we hope to grow into a Rs 100 crore company in the next three years.

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