CEO of Pune-based Pubmatic discusses Google’s Admeld acquisition

Recently, Google acquired AdMeld. AdMeld is one of the main competitors of Pune-based online advertisements optimization platform Pubmatic.

Now, Rajeev Goel, CEO of Pubmatic discusses the implications of this this acquisition


Over the past several years, PubMatic has evolved from a technology centric ad network optimizer into a full Sell Side Platform (SSP), where the service and expert guidance we offer has become as important as our technical solutions. Our success over the past few has been built upon gaining the publisher’s trust. Publishers need a technology and service layer that works on their behalf to help them maximize their revenue and manage their brands online.


I have had a half-dozen major Admeld customers give me a call since the news broke on Thursday. There is palpable fear out there and smart publishers know that Google’s idea of simplification may just simplify the publisher out of business.


I see this development as very positive for PubMatic for a variety of reasons.

Read the full article for those reasons…

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