An Online Python/Haskell Course by Pune Faculty in running for MOOC Fellowship

Germany’s iversity is teaming with leading German think-tank Stifterverband to award ten €25,000 (about $31K) fellowships to professors around the world hoping to produce their own MOOC. The organizers hope the competition will help “fuel technological innovation” in European higher education, not merely to put filmed university lectures online. The application process is closed, but voting is just under way!

Public voting is one of the criteria that will be used by the jury in awarding the fellowships will be public voting.

One of the courses, The dance of functional programming: Languaging with Haskell and Python has been proposed by Pune’s Rusi Mody and Anuradha Laxminarayan and Prof. Ambuja Salgaonkar of CS Dept, Univ. of Mumbai.

Take a look at the course here. Other courses, and details of the program/process are here. Voting happens here.

Rusi Modi, one of the instructors of the course writes:

People keep asking [us] about details of course contents. The contents are there on the mooc site but its a bit hard to find. Click here for course contents

and also:

Today we are at position 20 (out of 260) — probably the only Indian course there and a bit excited! Last date for voting the course is 23 May 3 PM.

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One Response to An Online Python/Haskell Course by Pune Faculty in running for MOOC Fellowship

  1. Rusi Mody says:

    Thanks Navin for putting this up!
    I just want to add a few pieces of info:
    Voting ends 23rd 3:00 pm. So please vote before then!
    More course details are up at:
    And if you have questions you can ask there!

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