About More.PuneTech

We are very selective about what we post on PuneTech.com. This ensures that even the most selective of our readers find the posts there interesting and worth reading. However, there is a lot of information that we run into, which does not warrant a separate posting on the PuneTech main page, but would still be of interest to a large fraction of our users.

All that stuff will come to More.PuneTech.com. Unless you are very busy, and are not really interested in finding out more about what’s going on in tech in Pune, we suggest that you subscribe to this too (via email, or via RSS.) All posts here are tweeted via the @punetech twitter account, so if you’re following that, you’re good (but we like email/RSS subscribers more).

Note: in More.PuneTech, we don’t make any claims at being objective, or fair. We might often not even do any significant background checks on the people or companies or events that we talk about. We might be mistaken, or misled. So, read at your own peril. We’ll simply dump whatever information we find, which might be interesting. The bar for quality is lower here than it is at the main site.

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